Here are the websites with unique design by Tanix

  • Belovezhskie Syry

    Belovezhskie Syry

    SOAO Belovezhskie Syry is the largest producer of cheese in our country. This is an enterprise with a rich history, reliable production base and professional teamwork. From year to year SOAO Belovezhskie Syry is developing, building capacities for further market development.



    INGLASSLIGHT is a group of companies and specialists from Canada, Russia, Finland, Belarus, Latvia and Poland that since 2004 realize the designing and producing of interactive products, mainly wine glasses, glasses, shot glasses and other vessels of glass and plastic with set in glowing advertising and information block.

  • Rost Company

    Rost Company

    Diversified enterprise ROST opened a new activity area in producing of a genuine kvass (rye beer) and low-alcohol beverages and the realization of them in Belarus and Russia.

  • Nordwood


    Norwood COOO is an official importer of tools of worldly known brands STIHL, Viking, and BOSCH in Belarus.

  • InsideBelarus


    InsideBelarus is a project about Belarus that is one of the first in the country with such an idea and purpose. The principal aim is an informational support of our country’s guests. All the materials are in English that makes it easier to understand and get around.



    We designed and developed a website for JV «AMIPAK»-ОАО. The task was not an easy one, while the company of such a level operates a huge extent of information, set a high bar for any cooperation and is an undoubted expert in its field.

  • life:)


    life:) is a young, dynamic and optimistic brand, a company of young and ambitious professionals that always try to be ahead of their time.

  • ARKA


    Arka is an exclusive boutique special for modern women that appreciate a high quality and are good judges of real designer’s clothes.