Web Development

We offer design and development of websites as a uniform system that is created for the client’s purposes. We get deeply involved in every project. Each web page for us is an interface that demands the most thorough work on the content. Apart from that, we think on the advertising campaign right away.

To develop a functioning and high-quality project, we analyze the client’s business, immerse ourselves into the field and perform correction of the tasks and goals.


How Do We Work

We work on different projects, but mostly on:
  • Corporate websites
  • Promo sites
  • Websites of commodities and services
  • On-line shops
Information Collecting

You can fill in the brief right now

Marketing Brief

It is a necessary and very important instrument for collecting relevant information for the project. Marketing brief helps to correct the tasks that were set at the beginning and confirm the list of tactical tasks

Competitive Environment Analysis

Marketing brief and other free sources allow analyzing the information about the competitive environment. At this stage we help you to find an unoccupied niche. For that we differentiate all the potential competitors of your company on emotional and rational basis

Project’s Concept

The document describes a unique and functioning idea that will become the basis of the project and differentiate the item of goods or the company from the competitors. The most perspective development options will be described, and then we together with the client will choose one and improve it to the perfection

Advertisement Strategy

A long-term plan of the promoting activity is developed. It includes the planned feedback, necessary advertising instruments, and recommendations on the effective budget distribution for advertising purposes, and estimation techniques

Work Stages

User Scenarios

We divide the users into groups and prepare the scenarios of their work with the website. At the end of the scenario the user achieves his or her aim (e.g. making a purchase). With the help of such scenarios we determine the website structure and the necessary content.


Prototype example and its following graphical design

On the basis of the prototypes a technical writer prepares terms of reference for the website.

Webpage’s graphical design

Webpage’s prototype


On the basis of the prototypes our designer make a graphical design for the website pages. We offer two approaches to the working out of the website’s graphical design:

  1. Development of a unique graphical concept and design for the client’s website. All graphical materials are worked out from the scratch by our designers.
  2. Development of a custom graphical design on the basis of a design chosen together with the client on templatemonster.com. Such an approach allows to shorten the terms and minimize cost of the website development.

The both options imply a detailed working out of the elements and matching to the webpages prototypes. The difference is in the uniqueness of the materials. Thanks to templatemonster.com the client can save time and budget at Design stage due to non-unique graphical elements. In any case we provide recommendations on the choice of the approach to the website’s graphical design.

If necessary, we involve in the work illustrators, photographers of various specialization and 3D lighting artists. A unique graphical we present to our Clients personally in the form of presentation with an argumentation of any solutions so the client has a base for taking a decision.

The examples of our works on the basis of unique and customized designs you can in our portfolio.

Technical Implementation & CMS

High professional programmers and webpage designers allow us to carry out projects of different levels of difficulty. We create websites on PHP and work with our own content managing system Tanix CMS.


What's the Result?

After the work is over you get a fully developed website with a well-thought and functioning system, structured content and launched advertising campaigns, with the means of results estimation.

  • After the publication each our website goes through testing
  • We offer a one-year warranty for all the work done
  • We support all our projects and provide technical and consulting help
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